our vision

Community Transformation.

When God pours out His Spirit, people become so saturated with God that they become living proof He is real!  People in revival demonstrate the love and power of God to the world around them as they use their gifts and resources to make the world better.


We were created to shape the world around us. Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham described 7 spheres of influence that must be impacted to see a nation transformed.  We believe these spheres are places in society meant to experience revival.


Imagine our businesses, government, education, families, the arts, entertainment and religion being completely influenced by heaven. Imagine what would happen if people overflowing with God shaped these spheres in Little Rock and throughout Arkansas...a city and a region would be transformed!


As people live in the life-changing love of God they go out and change the world. We are passionate about seeing people living in revival bringing transformation to our city and state.