our vision

Enduring Revival. 

Revival comes from the word “revive” and describes something dead that has been brought back to life.  The word revival is actually not found in the New Testament but is used in church culture to describe seasons when God pours out His Holy Spirit to breathe new life into people and transformation to a region.


Church history is of full of revivals that have impacted the world.  One of the most notable revival accounts is from the Book of Acts when God poured out His Spirit and the church grew as the testimony of Jesus spread rapidly.


We believe that revival is meant to be something that endures. Once the Holy Spirit was poured out, the church was never meant to enter into a time of deadness.  The Holy Spirit was intended to be God’s lasting gift to His people. We were meant to build upon the Book of Acts, not simply return to it.


We believe that we must shift traditional thinking about revival as a short-term move of God to seeing revival as a way of life, something that was intended to be normal and always increasing. We were meant to live in revival!


To see lasting revival we must honor the Person and leadership of the Holy Spirit as lifestyle as we expectantly press in for more.