Bethel Little Rock was established through three and a half years of continuous prayer for our city.


On March 1, 2013 hungry believers passionate for God’s Presence began meeting together in worship and intercession multiple nights a week.  This prayer and worship community became known as “PrayNow”.


Sometimes the only people in the room would be the worship team and a prayer leader.  Other nights more than 50 intercessors and worshippers would gather.  Over the years we began to taste a small portion of revival as God’s Presence would come tangibly to change hearts and lives forever.


In November 2016, we determined that the season for PrayNow had come to an end and that a new work would emerge from this ministry.  Over the next few months, a leadership team was established and determined to build a church family that would build on the values and experiences of PrayNow.  The church was named Bethel Little Rock.


The name Bethel is taken from the encounter Jacob had with God. In a dream he saw heaven open with a stairway connecting heaven and earth and the Lord standing at the top of the stairway. Jacob declared over that place “this is the gate of heaven, the house of God.”  We believe Jacob’s vision is a picture of what Bethel is meant to be, a place where heaven and earth are connected with the Lord in our midst.  The name Bethel is also a picture for every believer, a place where heaven is open and a place where God dwells.


In early 2017, a core team alongside the leaders of Bethel began meeting weekly in a home living room to worship and encounter the Lord. With a common passion for the Presence of God, we sensed the Lord uniting us with an expectation to see great things in our personal lives and in our city.  The Bethel family continued to meet weekly throughout 2017 and moved into a building at the end of that year with the goal of opening Bethel in 2018.


Our testimony is that we have tasted and seen that God is good. We have already seen God do amazing things and we expect more to come!  We invite you to join us for worship or come and be a part of the Bethel story.