The Presence of God

Jesus modeled an intimate relationship with His Father through a lifestyle completely dependent upon what the Holy Spirit was doing and saying. Before His crucifixion, Jesus told His disciples it was for our good that He was going away so the Holy Spirit could come to each of us. Because of the way Jesus lived and His desire for each of us to have the Holy Spirit, we know the Holy Spirit is central to the life of every believer.


To value God’s Presence involves an ongoing process of learning how the Holy Spirit speaks and moves corporately and individually. When we gather for worship, teaching, prayer and fellowship we come to meet with God. Every gathering is a time to encounter Him and host His life-changing Presence. As we corporately meet with the focus of honoring and hosting the Lord’s Presence, we see His nature and will manifested in our midst. Physical and emotional healing take place. Encouragement comes. God’s love, joy, hope and peace fill us.  Divine ideas are released.  Meaningful relationships with our spiritual family flourish. 


And in our day to day life we continue on an adventure with the Holy Spirit as we learn to see and hear what He is saying and doing to bring good and blessing to those around us. 


Hosting God’s Presence Through Worship

Worship is an intimate experience between God and man. It is a time to pour love upon God with singleness of heart, without anything else competing for that time or experience.


The heart of God regarding corporate worship was manifested in the Tabernacle of David.  God’s glory rested in the midst of singers and musicians centered around the Ark of the Covenant (the Ark of the Covenant was the most important object of the Jewish faith and represented the physical place where God chose to manifest His Presence on the earth). 


Like the tabernacle of David, worship led by singers and musicians who are focused upon hosting the Presence of the Lord is a pattern for the church today (Psalm 68:24-25; 1 Chronicles 15-16).


Relationship with God

We were created to interact with and deeply know God.  Adam and Eve experienced this unhindered intimacy with God as they spent time with Him the garden of Eden; but this intimacy was lost after the fall.


Jesus was sent by the Father with a purpose: to restore our relationship with God.  Jesus said that He came to give us eternal life and then described the essence of eternal life as ongoing relationship with God that begins now for every believer (John 17:3).


The Father, Son and Holy Spirit live in perfect unity and in ongoing relationship and now Jesus has restored us and brought us into this ongoing relationship.


Personal Encounter with God

Every believer is meant to have an experiential relationship with God.  Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice and they see the kingdom of God.  Paul said that the children of God are led by the Holy Spirit.  Our Christian culture values academic study of the Bible.  Knowing the Bible is essential but we must remember the Pharisees were rebuked by Jesus for being ones who diligently studied the Scriptures and yet did not know God.  We need both the study of the Word and the experience. The Word of God should propel us into encounter with God.


Gospel of the Kingdom

Jesus came to preach the good news of the Kingdom (Luke 4:43). The gospel of the Kingdom can be broken into 2 parts:


  1. Who we are:  Jesus came to redeem us to our original purpose. Believers in Christ are now members of God’s family as adopted sons and daughters of God. As the family of God we have a loving Father who enjoys us and has restored us to unbroken relationship with Him.


  1.  Kingdom mandate:  God’s intent is that His will be done on earth just like it is being done in heaven, that the earth would become an extension of the Kingdom of God in heaven and the rule of Jesus would be established here as it is there. The Kingdom of God is established and extended by the family of God, legal sons and daughters who demonstrate who God is and what He is like.  As sons and daughters of God, wherever we are, we are meant to bring the kingdom of God to the earth just as Jesus did.  As salt and light, we are meant to bring life and transformation to the world around us.


Active Participation

Western church services have become spectator events.  We have been conditioned to have low expectations of God, ourselves and others at our gatherings and to come as passive participants. 

Every believer has value and has been given gifts to build up others.  Every meeting whether large or small, one-on-one or a group setting is meant to be an active experience and a time for the body to build up and encourage one another. 


Equipping the Body

All believers have access to the gifts of the Spirit and are meant to bring the Kingdom of God to the world around us.  All are meant to heal the sick, to prophesy and to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. 


“I realized at a certain point in ministry I could either get a tent and have a great ministry or empower, equip & release the Body of Christ to do it themselves.  I chose the latter as it was the Jesus model.”

                                                                                                        John Wimber

God is Good

Jesus came to give us abundant life. He healed everyone who came to Him and set captives free wherever He went. Jesus perfectly manifested the will of our Father and how He desires to act towards us.


God describes Himself as gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. He is good to us regardless of our circumstances or merit and by nature is in a good mood. He is generous and desires to pour out His kindness and blessings upon us.  


The Finished Work of Jesus

On the cross Jesus took the punishment for our sins that we would be reconciled to God.  Jesus was wounded in His body that we would be healed in ours and He took up our emotional pain that our souls would be restored and made whole. He became the curse that we would live in blessing and receive the Holy Spirit.


The work of Jesus on the cross gives us a birthright to live as children of God now.  We are meant to live daily from the revelation of what Jesus has done for us.


Partnering with God Through Prayer

Through prayer we have the privilege of partnering with God to bring His kingdom to the earth.  Intercessory prayer involves receiving information from God and releasing it through our words, decrees and agreement with the will of God.  Prayer is dynamic and exciting as we encounter God and see His will brought forth. 


Intercessory prayer is Spirit led as we pray from the understanding of God’s goodness, grace, kindness and mercy plus all He has done for us on the cross.


Culture of Honor

A culture of honor is created as a community of people learn to see others in their God-given identities. Honoring others involves treating others like Jesus treats people.  As we acknowledge who God says people are we are positioned to receive the gift of who they are in our lives and in our communities.